Rise of the Runelords

The Festival

It was a day to be remembered. The Cathedral of Sandpoint had been rebuilt, after a fire five years previous. It's rededication was to be the event of the year. Kayden Smedry, Balthazar Dolmindo, Elinor and Bishal Sharpfang were in attendance. Elinor and Kayden participated in the wrestling match. Bishal won a pie eating contest. Balthazar just chatted with people.

Soon after Father Zantus began speaking, screams also began. A trio of goblins came in from one side of the square, cosest to Balthazar. Reacting quickley, Balthazar, Kayden, Elinor and Bishal dispatched the goblins. Meanwhile, 4 additional goblins came from the other side of the square. Other than creating pandemonium, the goblins lit a lady on fire, and slit a dog's throat, before the adventurers dispatched all but one war chanter. This goblin, realizing the pickle he was in, began to run. Bishal and Zar took off after him. The caught up with the goblinoid in the graveyard, where Zar torched him. 

Zar and Bishal noticed that there was a mausoleum that was broken into. After retrieving their companions, the group investigated, finding several animated skeletons. After putting these to rest again, the group found that Ezakien Tobyn's grave had been robbed. This was the former head priest of the Cathedral who had died in the fire five years before.  The group decided this news was to be given to Father Zantus.

The day was still frantic however, as a cry for help arose from the front gate. The group arrived in time to find a group of goblins attacking a well dressed gentleman. One goblin attempted to set a near by building on fire, however, the group demonstrated efficiency and skill by preventing the building from catching fire, rescuing the man, and eliminating the goblin's before any additional damage was done.

The man introduced himself to the adventurers as Aldern Foxglove of Foxglove manor. He was particularly impressed with Elinor's contribution, praising her bravery and intelligence. He insisted they come to see him at the at the Rusty Dragon Inn. 

As things calmed down, the group decided to learn a little more about what was going on in town. Balthazar decided to investigate what he was interested in, and went to find Brodert Quink, a resident expert on the ruin known as the Old Light. Brodert believes, unlike many historians, that the Old Light was once a watch tower, capable of calling fire to kill enemies, and references an inscription about the "Fires of heaven". There is on the ruins, extensive use of the Thassilonian seven pointed star, representing arcane magics. 

The following morning, the group met with Aldern Foxglove, who showered Elinor with praise, and invited them all on a boar hunt for the following day. The group accepted the offer. With the day still young, the group started talking to folks around town. Elinor and Kayden took a tour of the Cathedral. While there, they learned of Nualia, the adopted daughter of the previous Head Priest. She disappeared when the Cathedral burned down, but before her disappearance, people didn't really interact with her. She was treated as an object of worship and praise, a "sliver of divinity", but not a person they could interact with.

Balthazar learned that around the time the Cathedral burned down, there was a serial murderer known as the Chopper. It was an eccentric wood carver who turned out to be an insane worshipper of Lamashtu, and his victims were particularly mangled. 

Bishal was approached by a teenage girl named Katrine Vinder about help regarding some huge rats at her father's place. As she showed him to their basement, she revealed that she was really interested in him, and that the rats were a lie. Bishal protested that he had a girl already, which Katrine largely ignored. When her father came down, Bishal took that opportunity to bolt. 

The next morning, the group met with Aldern Foxglove for the boar hunt. 

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