Balthazar Dolmindo

Mystic Theurge


General Stats

Levels: Wizard 3, Cleric 3
Attributes: Str 8, Dex 12, Con 10, Int 22, Wis 16, Cha 10
Hit Point Maximum: 29
Armor Class: 16 (1 Bracers of Armor, 1 Dex, 1 Amulet Natural Armor, 1 Ring of Protection)
Fortitude: 6 (3 Cleric Base, 1 Wizard Base, 2 Protection Domain Bonus)
Reflex: 5 (1 Cleric Base, 1 Wizard Base, 1 Dex, 2 Protection Domain Bonus)
Will: 10 (3 Cleric Base, 3 Wizard Base, 2 Wis, 2 Protection Domain Bonus)
   +2 against Enchantments
   Immune To Sleep
Base Attack Bonus: 3

Useable Class Features

Channel Divinity 3/day
 Heals Living 2d6 (Standard Action, Must present Holy Symbol)
 Harms Undead 2d6 DC 11 (Standard Action, Must Present Holy Symbol)
Deflection Aura 1/day
 Emit 20 ft Aura. Allies Receive +2 deflection bonus to AC and CMD
 Lasts 1 round for every Cleric Level. (No Action Type Listed)
Agile Feet 6/day
 Ignore Difficult Terrain for 1 round (Free Action)
Spontaneous Wizard Spell 1/day
 Swap out a spell for any in my spell book

Permanent Features

Wizard School – Arcane Crafter
Low Light Vision
Travel Domain – Increases Base Speed by 10ft
Protection(Defense) Domain – +1 and +1 for every 5 levels to Saves
Metachange – +2 on spell craft to make magic items requiring metamagic
Multitalented – Favored classes are Wizard and Cleric


Skill Total Bonus Sources Conditional
Bluff 6 (6 ranks from Headband of intellect)
Craft (Armor Smithing) 12 6 from int, 1 Rank, 3 Class Skill, 2 masterwork Artisan tools
Diplomacy 6 3 Ranks, 3 Trait Skill
Disable Device 9 3 ranks, 1 Dex,3 Class Skill, 2 Masterwork Tools
Heal 7 2 Ranks, 2 Wis, 3 Class Skill
Knw(Arcana) 15 5 Ranks, 6 Int, 1 Scholar of the Ancients, 3 Class Skill
Knw(Dungeoneering) 10 1 Rank, 6 Int, 3 Class Skill
Knw(Engineering) 10 1 Rank, 6 Int, 3 Class Skill
Knw(Geography) 10 1 Rank, 6 Int, 3 Class Skill
Knw(History) 11 1 Rank, 6 Int, 3 Class Skill, 1 Scholar of the Ancients
Knw(Local) 10 1 Rank, 6 Int, 3 Class Skill
Knw(Nature) 10 1 Rank, 6 Int, 3 Class Skill
Knw(Nobility) 10 1 Rank, 6 Int, 3 Class Skill
Knw(Planes) 10 1 Rank, 6 Int, 3 Class Skill
Knw(Religion) 13 4 Ranks, 6 Int, 3 Class Skill
Linguistics 15 6 Ranks, 6 Int, 3 Class Skill
Perception 9 2 Ranks, 2 Wisdom, 2 Racial Bonus, 3 Trait Skill 2 If in dim light
Sense Motive 8 3 Ranks, 2 Wisdom, 3 Class Skill
SpellCraft 15 6 Ranks, 6 Int, 3 Class Skill 2 if making a Magic Item, with a metamagic feat
Stealth 10 6 Ranks, 1 Dex, 3 skill Focus


Extra Traits
Skill Focus: Stealth
Scribe Scroll
Create Magic Item
Eschew Materials
Silent Spell


 Ancient Azlanti


 Magical Knack
 Dim Seer
 Scholar of the Ancients

Spells Per day

Level Wizard Bonus Wizard Cleric Bonus Cleric Domain Total
0 4 - 4 - - 8
1 2 2 2 1 1 8
2 1 2 1 1 1 6

Wizard Spell Book

Cleric Spells

Equipped Items of Note

Ring of Force Shielding
Ring of Protection +1
Amulet of Natural Armor +1
Bracers of Armor +1
Headband of Intellect +2 (grants bluff skill ranks equal to character level)


Balthazar Dolmindo was the only child of Fellorin Dolmindo, a prominent Eleven Leader in the region around Mierani Forest to the north. Fellorian had a dalliance with a human woman, though she left when he was very young, and he has never met her in his memory. Fellorin did his best, and encouraged Balthazar, but the elves largely viewed him as an outsider and lesser than they. Far was eventually sent to the university of Celwynvian to study. While there, Zar was subjected to more prejudice by both student and teacher alike. Important assignments were conveniently never given to him, and important topics were never taught to him.

Frustrated, Far began resisting the only way he knew how. By stealing knowledge. He’d borrow books from the library without permission. He’d break into the library or artifact rooms and eaves drop on conversations among other students.During this time, one teacher was a bright spot. Shahera Fortuona encouraged him and even covered for him when he was acquiring knowledge. One time, they were chatting, and Shahera asked him why he stayed. “You know enough, you could learn all of this out in the world without the restrictions placed upon you here. You could be judged on your merit, rather than your parentage.” Balthazar considered it. Not long after, he heard of his father’s disappearance.

Without his father’s position, Zar was largely unprotected, and finally, after a mishap where he froze a section of the library in time, Zar decided to leave. Working his way south, he picked up a variety of skills, including some Armor smithing from a man in the Velashu Uplands. Eventually he found his way to Riddleport. While there, Zar learned of an interesting artifact held by a person of power in the city. After breaking in, and stealing it, he was being chased. Turns out, the artifact was an arcane beacon that the guards were using to track him. After colliding with a well armored woman, he shoved the artifact into her hands to try and divert attention. As he dashed away, the woman chased him down and tackled him. They were both caught and, figuring that she was an accomplice, threw both of them in a cell. They talked some while Zar opened the lock. After that, they parted ways.

Along the road from Riddleport, Far reflected on his experiences to that point. He realized that his fascination with artifacts was born out of a desire to understand how to replicate what others had done. His fascination with the creation of artifacts lead him to seek out a small church of Abadar in Roderic’s cove. It was there where he learned how to channel some of the energies of Abadar toward the creation of magical items.

In exchange for his Patronage, Abadar sent Zar a vision, calling him further south. From Roderic’s Cove, Zar took a ship to sand point. On the boat, he ran into the Woman from Riddleport, Kayden Smedry. The two decided that they had skills the other lacked, and formed a loose alliance, by the time they arrived in sand point. Finding out that there were some locations of interest in the area, and a coming festival, the team decided to stick around for a few days.

Balthazar Dolmindo

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